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Rules to read before exploring, posting or replying on RoxForum.

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:00 pm
by Romanio0089
If you do not respect those rules, your post can get deleted or your account can get banned.

1 : No insults or messages that can hurt people emotionally. Risk of your account getting banned.
2 : No NSFW topics or messages of any kind. Account immediately banned.
3 : Do NOT SPAM or put too much Emojis/Smilies or capital letters. Risk of your post getting deleted.
4 : No political messages of any kind. Risk of your post getting deleted.
5 : Do not provoke ANYBODY.
6 : Respect the categories. If your post is posted somewhere is shouldn't be, it will be moved or deleted.
7 : Multiple accounts are unauthorized. Risk of all of them getting banned.
8 : Copying others people posts is unauthorized. Post will be deleted.
9 : If you find ANY post that violates those rules, please report it to staff.